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Changing the way we view Science & Maths. Through the program DrishtiCONE, we will focus on taking the Aavishkaar way of doing Science and Math to more and more students and educators; to create interest, excitement and joy for Science and Math in students and teachers of government schools in Kangra district. Through this program, we are reaching out to schools with the aim of a) enriching classroom practices in Math and Science for middle school students and teachers, b) understanding the context in Government School Systems in the Kangra Valley and c) developing an effective student and teacher support model for Kangra district .

STEM Associate -

To achieve these goals, we are looking someone to join the Aavishkaar team as the STEM Associate who will work with schools and deliver Science and Math programs developed by Aavishkaar. The role would require you to understand the Aavishkaar’s innovative content deeply, share it with students and teachers at the school and support teachers in adopting it. If you would like to join the fun with a bunch of Science/Math-o-philes, we are looking for one too!

Your key responsibilities would include (but not limited to):
- Lead and execute innovative Science & Math programs at
schools with support of Aavishkaar team.
- Understand the existing Aavishkaar content by closely
working with the design team.
- Be a resource person for Science and Math days and
camps at school and at Aavishkaar..
- Start and facilitate teacher learning circles in the schools and provide teacher support to inculcate experiential teaching practices.
- Analyze, document and discuss monthly and yearly progress with school leaders and teachers.
Along with your love for Math and Science, we would need you to have -
- A Bachelor's degree in Science/Math or associated fields.
- 2-3 years of experience working in the education sector.
- Love for children and a passion for improving the education
system for all.
- Ability to communicate empathically and assertively.
- Proficiency with MS Office and Google Apps.
- Oral & Written Proficiency with language (Hindi & English). - Attitude and aptitude for problem solving.
- Love for the mountains and belief that cold weather builds
character! .

We would love to have you all the more if –
- You have an inclination for research and content
- You love to build, find out and tinker (some of the best
discoveries and inventions have happened accidentally). - You have domain knowledge in the Life Sciences (for we
don’t have anyone from this domain).
- You have a good sense of humor (Science/Math jokes are
preferred but not mandatory).
- You like to smile and talk to strangers.
While we have high academic and on field expectations, we’ll make sure you find it worth. Here’s what we can offer —
- Beautiful mornings and happy sunsets in the mountains. - An autonomous work environment.
- A firsthand experience of high quality well researched
models, experiments and techniques.
- An opportunity to be a part of statewide impact in the field of
Math and Science education.
- Freedom to explore, build and tinker with resources
available on campus.
- A library full of handpicked books to choose from. - Long walks with good conversations.

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Location - Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

Salary - Negotiable based on experience and expertise

To Apply - Drop us an email with your CV, name and phone number at opportunities@aavishkaar-palampur.org / 7807071348.