The Art of Joyful Teaching

Creating joy of learning Math and Science in Classroom

To request a training session for your students, drop us a mail at relations@aavishkaar-palampur.org with your name, email id, city and school name, or use the contact form at the end of this page.

We organize teacher training workshops for schools and organizations on request. We also conduct an open workshop called Hamaari Kakshaa in which teachers from schools across the country are welcome. Our teacher training workshops create a space to discuss ways to build conceptual understanding, the process of scientific investigation and develop interactive classrooms. The workshops focus on how to encourage questions, facilitate discussions, make lesson plans and explore solutions together with students. The goal is to make the classroom a fun, interesting and challenging space with content that is relevant and contextual. Through these workshops, we nurture the curiosity, creativity and critical thinking of teachers so that they become effective at inculcating these values to their students.

What to expect from the training?

Engaging Math and Science content: During the workshop, our content developers share their expertise with the teachers and deliver various Math and Science concepts that the teachers find difficult to explain to the children. We also discuss how to make effective lesson plans for better time management. Our content is experiential, experimental and exciting in nature.

How to make classrooms interactive:  We share various techniques that can be used for better engagement with the students. We explore how healthy scientific conversations between teachers and students are more effective than one-way lecture delivery by the teachers. The workshop focuses on the art of story-telling, humor, demonstrations and experiments to hook students. 

How to nurture curiosity: We at Aavishkaar strongly believe that all children have an innate desire to be curious about the world. But we as teachers have often failed to pay due attention to their curious questions. In this workshop, we discuss ways in which teachers can nurture this inherent curiosity of all children.

Engaging Math and Science activities for active peer-based learning: During the course of the workshop, we discuss how to use group activities as a tool for effective learning. We will share our learning from conducting hundreds of peer-based activities to develop critical thinking skills in children. We will learn how working in teams helps boost confidence and enhances individual creativity.

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