Camping the Aavishkaar Way!

Nurturing curiosity, creativity and critical thinking

To request a camp for your students, drop us a mail at relations@aavishkaar-palampur.org with your name, email id, city and school name, or use the contact form at the end of this page.

We organize week to month long Math and Science residential camps for middle and high school students. These camps are either are organized on request by schools and organizations or through an open application process for students across the country (please refer to Hamaari PiCycle page for open camps). The purpose of these camps is to provide an open space for learning and to build scientific temper in children. Through hand-on activities and healthy dialogue, we encourage students to ask questions and look at the world from a scientific lens. It is in these camps that we work on building curiosity in children. They also get a platform to use their learning to create new things.

When ideas take a tangible form of something that the children have created on their own, it gives them the confidence to make mistakes. When one idea fails, the students voluntarily get to work to test the next best idea. Exploration and the mistakes made while exploring help children to become critical thinkers. It also builds on problem solving skills, rationality and logic, and most importantly they learn to reason.
Learning in a natural environment is one of the catalysts to the better comprehension. Nestled in the laps of the mighty Himalayas, our campus provides a healthy space for focused learning. During our camps, we take students out for many hikes and treks which we believe is the best experiential learning that any child can get.

We encourage students to understand the place of all living creatures in the entire natural eco-system.
Our camps constantly encourage students to design and engineer. There is a carpentry workshop that becomes a lab for students for all age-groups where they learn to build and play with wood.
Experiential learning is the key to effective understanding and better memory. Most of our content modules help children experience the effect of most Science and Math concepts. And we do this in a way that is fun for children.

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