Exploring mathematical thinking and scientific investigation

For Secondary school students (14 to 18 years) only.


Dates: January 7th – Jan 12th , 2019-2020
Age Groups Accepted: 14 to 18 years
Batch Size: 20-25
Campus Location: Aavishkaar, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
Camp Contribution: Rs 15,000 per student (Limited scholarships available)
Apply By: December 20th2019

We sincerely believe that the inability to pay the fee shouldn’t obstruct one from participating. If a student is in such a situation, we request her/him to not hesitate in applying. If selected, we will work our level best to get her/him on board.


  1. Online application form
  2. Printable application form (to be filled, scanned and mailed to programs@aavishkaar-palampur.org)

*Check Connect page to see how to come, and Visiting Us for general points.


In another excursion into the world of curiosity, creativity and learning, we introduce Pi-Safari, a summer camp for secondary school students with the idea of instilling an in depth conceptual understanding along with creating a vibrant community of kids with a shared passion for Math and Science. Π-Safari is one of its kinds in the way that it inspires Scientific and Mathematical thinking by providing an intellectually stimulating environment to the kids without putting a damper on the fun!

While on a break from school, let us also break free of the stress as we continue to learn in its real sense. Pi-Safari is a journey into the world of ‘polynomials’, ‘motion’, ‘friction’… where they are not mere words but ideas that talk to you in the simplest possible way. Children not only understand a concept but also learn multiple ways to approach it so each one’s brain can choose for itself.


Pi-Safari is not a virtual journey but an actual one to the Himalayan foothills in a small village near the city of Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. The location provides for a safe space for students to read, reflect and share. Young scientists, in the tranquility of nature, can experiment, explore, ask questions, challenge accepted notions, and create theories of their own. They will meet all kinds of life forms as they go along the trails (or create trails of their own) hiking up the mountain and decipher the stellar world as they pitch a tent under the starry sky to spend the night!

If you are mathematical-minded, scientifically driven and love to probe deeper, join us on our 6 day expedition to embrace the phenomena and forces of nature and discover new horizons amidst the forests and mountains.