Our Story

       The current education system in our country is plagued by dismal standards, with heavy reliance on outdated pedagogical practices and memorization. There is an evident dearth of cutting edge work in school education, geared towards inculcating scientific temper and evidence-based thinking.

        These were the key gaps which prompted Sarit & Sandhya (both IIT/NIT alumnus & PhD in Electrical Engineering from USA), relocate to India with hopes of igniting the young minds in the areas of Science and Math.

         When Sandhya and Sarit came back, they spent four years volunteering in a rural Government School to understand its joys and challenges, eventually starting Aavishkaar in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. In the last five years, Aavishkaar has become a pioneer in delivering high-quality Science and Math education, reaching some of the most remote schools and communities in the country. 


Our Mission

Aavishkaar’s mission is to enable, equip & empower educators and students to rekindle their creativity, curiosity and critical thinking in Science and Math.

We endeavor to make Science and Math experiential, hands-on/minds-on, engaging, immersive and accessible to all. Our core belief is that evidence-backed content that is rigorous and relevant can fundamentally transform the classroom experience for the child.