Access to quality education is the key to progress of any society. But we in India have become a culture of rote learning. Our students don’t really understand the concepts and cannot make connection to what is taught in school to the world around. The problem magnifies in our rural and poor communities. There is absolutely zero free-thinking space available to the child, and hence no scientific rigor.

Our students struggle to understand the fundamentals and shy away from science and math. If we don’t nurture our young minds to boost their curiosity, there will be a shortage of rational thinkers, innovators and solution seekers including scientists, engineers and technologists in our society.

Through years of experience volunteering in local schools in their village, the Aavishkaar team started to understand the underlying problems of the education system in India. Their passion for Math and Science and belief in the ability of these subjects to transform the lives of people, led them to create Aavishkaar - a centre for excellence in Math and Science education. It is a space where students get a chance to explore our world from a scientific lens. Aavishkaar engages with students and teachers through experiments, demonstrations, design challenges, and many experiential and hands-on activities with the aim to create a culture of scientific inquiry.