Hamaari PiCycle

Nurturing Love for Math and Science

For Middle school students (11 to 14 years)

Hamaari Picycle will create a shared space for curious students to interact, exchange ideas, collaborate and explore our world from a scientific lens in the engaging company of like-minded fellows.

Learn Amidst Nature:
Nestled in the lap of the Himalayan forests and hills, our classroom frees one of all stress and creates a joyful space for experiential learning. Students, in the tranquillity of nature, can experiment, explore, ask questions, challenge accepted notions, and create theories of their own.

This camp is also offered online now!

Hamaari Picycle is a weeklong residential programme for Middle school students who are fascinated by math and science and dream of themselves as the scientists and mathematicians of tomorrow. It gives students, who believe they have vigour for scientific enquiry, an opportunity to expand their horizon and ride the wave of excitement that the path of math and science offers.

A Typical Day at the Camp

Looking Back in Time: Our mornings will begin with conversations about people whose ideas created the world as we know it today. Through storytelling, movies and conversations, students will learn about the life, work and contributions of prominent explorers, physicists, naturalists and mathematicians among many others.

The World of Math: From number theory to complex geometrical shapes, the World of Math sessions will take students through the journey of mathematics. We will try to figure out the ‘why’ of things and understand the role of Math in engineering our cosy homes to building work stations in space.

The World of Science: In the World of Science sessions, we will recreate the Eureka moments of scientific history in our classroom. From the invisible molecules of air to the secrets that light carries, from forces of attraction to the electric thunder bolts in the sky, students will spend quality time experiencing natural phenomena from a scientific lens.

Explore the Village: The camp will be hosted around a serene village called Kandbari. Students, away from the hustle bustle of the city will also get a chance to explore what’s it like to stay in a village. We will take students around the village to witness the mustard and wheat fields, spend time with local weavers and hear tales from shepherds.

Design Challenges: Through this very interesting team building exercise, students will participate in the engineering design process. They will be challenged to solve a problem using limited number of resources, just as in the real world. We will build bridges, construct chairs, drop eggs and do much more to unleash our hidden creativity.

Writing Scientific and Mathematical Proofs: Very often students figure out concepts and even come up with new hypotheses, but find it difficult to articulate it accurately using correct mathematical language. These sessions will prepare students to use the language of math to write and understand technical literature.

Film Screenings: We plan to take out some time every day to watch interesting documentaries and movies that truly glorify the field of math and science. Students are welcome to bring in their own CDs and recommendations.

Music, arts, crafts, reading, photography, dance, storytelling, indoor and outdoor games, nature hikes, yoga and many other wonderful thrills have always been a part of Aavishkaar’s philosophy. We have in store with you many hikes to the nearby forests!