About Us

Aavishkaar is a not for profit math and science learning center located near Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Through years of experience volunteering in local schools in their village, the Aavishkaar team started to understand the underlying problems of the education system in India. Their passion for Math and Science and belief in the ability of these subjects to transform the lives of people, led them to create Aavishkaar. We at Aavishkaar believe that access to quality education is the key to progress of any society. But we in India have become a culture of rote learning. Our students don’t really understand the concepts and cannot make connection to what is taught in school to the world around. The problem magnifies in our rural and poor communities. There is absolutely zero free-thinking space available to the child, and hence no scientific rigor.

Our students struggle to understand the fundamentals and shy away from science and math. If we don’t nurture our young minds to boost their curiosity, there will be a shortage of rational thinkers, innovators and solution seekers including scientists, engineers and technologists in our society.
Aavishkaar develops high quality content in science and math for 6th to 12th grades in a language that our learning community understands. Special attention is paid to making the content hands-on with models, experiments and materials that are local and low-cost while making everyday life connections. The classroom experience is made interesting and exciting with content that is shows relevance, context and history bringing out the big picture in the concepts (and small details too!). We do all of this with middle and high school students and teachers through our residential camps, science and math fairs, teacher training and many engaging school interventions.

Our Vision

To nurture curious, creative and critical thinking citizens of tomorrow

Curiosity: We love how all children have a strong sense of wonder to know the world around. But somehow, it fades with the passing of time. We want them to be curious for life!

Creativity: The sense of wonder often leads to the creation of new ideas. We want students to never stop exploring and make mistakes only to learn from them.

Critical thinking: Asking questions is perhaps the single most important thing that we can teach our young ones. They should be observant and justify opinions with evidence.

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