Aavishkaar Fellowship

       Do you love learning? Does the current education system create a sense of dissatisfaction in you? Do you enjoy science and math, and want take it to our school system- to our students as well as our teachers in a way that’s enjoyable to all? If the answer to these questions is a YES, this is the fellowship for you!

Aavishkaar Fellowship: Aavishkaar fellowship is a 2 year program for motivated young scholars who aim to create a change in science and math education. Join us to learn and engage with science and math through hands-on experiential ways. Join us to learn ways to make math and science a visual process. Join us to create interest, excitement and joy for Science and Math in students and teachers of government schools in Himachal.

Through this program, you will not only learn, but also reach out to schools with the aim of:

​a) enriching classroom practices  in Math and Science​ for middle school students and teachers

b)  understanding the context in Government School Systems in  the Kangra Valley ​

c)​ developing an effective student and  teacher support model for Kangra district​.

        Year 2 is more around experimenting with other organizations through Aavishkaar's support.  You will also take your learning to students and teachers in Bihar through our partnering organization, Nari Gunjan. You will get to deeply understand the complexity of our education system and the deep disparity that exists in it. This will be your opportunity to provide education to communities who have not been able to access the quality education all our kids deserve. About Aavishkaar & Nari Gunjan: Aavishkaar aspires to make learning a joyful experience by creating high quality hands-on content in Science and Maths for middle and high school. Thanks to the current classroom practices, phrases like Maths anxiety ​ have become universal. We intend to change this to – “​Science & Maths are fun”. Aavishkaar is based in the Himalayan foothills near Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. The content we develop is made with models, experiments and material that are local and low-cost with everyday life connections in a language that everyone understands. Classroom experience is made interesting and exciting at Aavishkaar with content that shows relevance, context and history, bringing out the big picture in the concept (and the small details too!). Aavishkaar conducts Maths and Science programs, workshops and trainings for students, teachers and educators with the aim of nurturing curious, creative and critical thinking citizens of tomorrow through Science and Maths. Nari Gunjan is based in Danapur, Bihar and works to empower the Dalit communities by empowering their girls through education. The organization is spread in almost 200 Dalit villages/tolas around Patna and Gaya. There are about 2.2 million Musahar Dalits in Bihar with a literacy rate of dismal 1%.Nari Gunjan is working with young students of the community to create leaders of tomorrow. Aavishkaar and Nari Gunjan partnership has been going strong since inception to create strong leaders in the community.

Fellow profile: Aavishkaar fellows will work with schools and deliver Science and Math programs developed by Aavishkaar. You will get to understand the Aavishkaar’s innovative content deeply, share it with students and teachers at the school and communities. If you would like to join the fun with a bunch of Science/Math-o-philes, ​ we are looking for one too! Along with your love for Math and Science, we would need you to have​ –

- A Bachelors degree in Science/Math or associated fields.

- Love for children and a passion for improving the education system for all. - Ability to communicate emphatically and assertively.

- Proficiency with MS Office and Google Apps. - Oral & Written Proficiency with language (Hindi & English).

- Attitude and aptitude for problem solving.

- Love for the mountains and belief that cold weather builds character! ​​.

- Learning attitude and aptitude for problem solving.

- Strong belief that everyone must have access to quality education.

We would love to have you all the more if ​–

- You love to build, find out and tinker (some of the best discoveries and inventions have happened accidentally).

- You have a good sense of humor (Science/Math jokes are preferred but not mandatory).

- You like to smile and talk to strangers.

While we have high academic and on field expectations, we’ll make sure you find it worth. Here’s what we can offer​—

- Beautiful mornings and happy sunsets in the mountains.

- An autonomous work environment.

- A firsthand experience of high quality well researched models, experiments and techniques.

- An opportunity to be a part of statewide impact in the field of Math and Science education.

- Freedom to explore, build and tinker with resources available on campus.

- A library full of handpicked books to choose from. - Long walks with good conversations.

Location - Palampur, Himachal Pradesh and Danapur/Gaya, Bihar.

Stipend – Rs. 10,000 per month. Food and accommodation will be provided by Aavishkaar.

To Apply:

Email relations.aavishkaar@gmail.com